Amplitude is a reboot of the PS2 game orginally launched in 2003 by Harmonix. It is currently in development with launch expected later in 2015. The game will be available for the PS3 and PS4. New songs have been recently announced.


Amplitude will feature over 20 songs, including tracks composed by Harmonix artists, as well as tracks from Freezepop, Kasson Crooker/Symbion Project, C418, Jim Guthrie, George & Jonathan, Danny B, and more! The new Amplitude will be treated like a classic, sci-fi concept album. There is a narrative that runs through the game and surfaces through the visuals, music, and song lyrics.

Confirmed songsEdit

  • C418 – All The Time
  • Danny Baranowsky – Crypteque (1-2)
  • Darren Korb – Impossible
  • Freezepop – Phantoms
  • George & Jonathan – Crystal
  • Jim Guthrie – Force Quit
  • Kodomo – Red Giant
  • Symbion Project – Concept